Hot Water Recirculating Systems

Putting a Stop to Hot Water Delays

Hot water is no longer considered a luxury and is now a necessity. Unfortunately, even if you have a hot water heater, this may not be enough. Your household relies on having access to hot water many times throughout a given day. If your system is not meeting your demands, there may be another solution.

At The Water Heater Company, we offer a few different ways to help you improve your hot water system. One solution is to install a hot water recirculating system. Our professional Technicians can help you make it easier to access and use hot water in your home.

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How a Hot Water Recirculating Pump Works

If you turn on a faucet in your home – such as the bathroom sink to wash your hands – the temperature is typically cold or lukewarm at first. In some cases, you may wait several minutes for the water to heat up, which means plenty of water is being wasted as it goes down the drain. This delay exists because the water sitting in your pipes has cooled off and has to be re-heated. A hot water recirculation system eliminates this delay by circulating water in a continuous loop.

There are two main types of hot water recirculating pumps, which are:

  • Recirculating pump comfort systems
  • Full recirculating pump systems

Benefits of a Hot Water Recirculating System

Many homeowners question whether a hot water recirculating system is a worthwhile investment. When you eliminate the delay of heated water with a hot water recirculation system, you are saving yourself both time and money. You will also achieve instant satisfaction with hot water at your fingertips. If you are unsure whether this is the right choice for you, The Water Heater Company can help.

In addition to installing new equipment, our technicians offer repair and maintenance services for hot water recirculating systems. Our plumbing professionals would be happy to inspect your hot water heater and provide our recommendations and advice.

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