Tank Water Heater Services

Keeping Your Water Heater Running Efficiently

At The Water Heater Company, we have over 25 years of experience in the industry, keeping our customers’ water heaters working. Whether you need a brand new water heater installed in your home or your existing system no longer has enough hot water for your family, we can help. Our team has solved all types of water heater problems, from frequent leaks to too-small tanks. We have the skill and experience to resolve any type of problem that may occur.

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Tank Water Heater Installation & Replacement

The main difference between a tank and tankless water heater is that a tank water heater uses a large storage tank of 30-80 gallons of water. Typically, this type of water heater will be installed in a utility closet or basement. These water heaters offer a number of different advantages, although they take up more room than the tankless option. If you have any doubts on which type of water heater is right for you, you should not make the choice alone.

Advantages of choosing a tank-style water heater include:

  • Low repair costs
  • Having the option for electric or gas
  • Lower purchasing costs
  • Minimal installation time

Tank Water Heater Repair & Maintenance

Over time and with regular use, water heaters can break down and stop working as efficiently. The time it takes before a water heater needs repairs may vary depending on usage and the type of system. Whether your hot water supply is insufficient or your unit is making loud noises, The Water Heater Company can help. Our plumbers can get to the bottom of any type of water heater issue big or small. We also use preventive maintenance techniques to keep your water heater in excellent condition year round.

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