Water Heater Services in Winnetka

The Water Heater Company is an experienced and respected home service business specializing in water heater maintenance and home water systems.

Our skills extend beyond that of a general plumber, allowing us to take on even the most complex water heating issues. If you live in Winnetka and are looking for a reliable company to take care of your water heating problems, give us a call!

Water Heating and Systems Services

We offer a range of water heater services. From general maintenance to installation, we can handle all of your water heater needs. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Tank water heater repairs and installation
  • Tankless water heater repairs and installation
  • Whole-house filtration system services
  • Hot water recirculating system services

When it comes to repairs, we are able to solve all kinds of issues, from foul smells emanating from your unit to leaks and malfunctions. We understand that water heaters can be expensive investments, so we try to preserve the life of your water heater whenever possible through repairs.

That said, if you decide that you want to replace or update your existing water heating system, we can help you with the installation process. Our technicians work with the most trusted and efficient brands on the market, so they can not only install your unit for you, but also recommend the best solution for your family, home, and situation.

Reach out to us today at (818) 922-8672 to request an estimate.

Serving Winnetka Residents

Our services are available to residents throughout the San Fernando Valley, including Winnetka. We’ve served this community for over 25 years and understand that hot water problems can be a serious issue for the families that live here.

By choosing us, you can guarantee a quick response and lasting repair. We’ll come out and attend to your problem as soon as possible so that your family can minimize time without hot water.

We know the area and California water heater codes well, so you can rest assured that whatever service we help you with, whether repairing your water heater or installing a new unit in an approved location with the required earthquake straps and protection, you’re getting top-quality solutions that are up to local codes.

Work with The Water Heater Company

The Water Heater Company has over 25 years of experience solving water heater problems. Our team includes experts who are familiar with every type of water heater and solution. We pride ourselves in not just providing expertise, but also friendly customer service and fair pricing.

Contact Us Today for More Information

If you have any questions about the different water services that we provide or you would like to schedule a service, simply give our team a call at (818) 922-8672.

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